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2011 | Manufactured Homes Orange County

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      Orange County Manufactured HomesIf you’re shopping the market for a home in Orange County today, you’ve most likely considered all of your bases except, perhaps one. Most people looking for a home in Orange County will quickly compare new site-built homes in developments by builders such as Lennar, KB Homes or other well known builders and the resale market. They’re quick to find, in today’s market, that new homes and resales are pretty competitively priced but that many short sales, foreclosures and REO properties may need minor cosmetic work or, in some cases major repairs. As such, home buyers, when faced with the option, will often select a new home; there is little work to be done to make these homes livable. Many of the same buyers, looking for the best deal on the market, would be very surprised at what new factory built homes have to offer compared to site-built homes of the new or re-sale varieties.

      In fact, new, high-end manufactured homes are esthetically barely distinguishable from their site built counterparts. Moreover, the quality of construction is often times equal to or superior as well in a new manufactured home. If you’re looking to live near the coast or on beach front property, you’ll notice a major price difference if you compare a new home on or near the coast with the total expense of buying an undeveloped lot on or near the coast and erecting a new, custom manufactured home. The savings, comparatively, is astounding.

      New manufactured home builders provide far more than craftsman quality of construction these days. Unlike their site-built counterparts, factory built home builders can move bearing walls in their floorplans, add bedrooms, subtract bedrooms and, as well, add significantly to kitchen size. In your average new home tract development, there are few different models to select from and if you were to ask a sales person in the development if they could move a bearing wall they would respond with a look of puzzlement…it just can’t be done.

      Another advantage of from high end factory built developers is that they provide far more in the way of green living options than their site built counterparts. Take for example solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. In the site built home world, these are almost always after-market additions that need to be leased long term or purchased outright. These green options tend to be very expensive. Manufactured home builders are on the cutting edge of green home options because they can efficiently install them in a controlled factory environment for a fraction of the cost of after-market installers. These green home additions can help you eliminate electric and gas expenses to almost nil.

      If you are in the market for a , it’s wise to consider re-sales, new site built homes and manufactured homes as well. We are confident you’ll find extraordinary value in the factory built home market and that , especially, are a very attractive buys.

      Energy efficiency and green living aren’t just lifestyle choices, they are cost effective, expense reducing measures that many homeowners have come to appreciate. One of the best reasons why manufactured homes are great choices, as opposed to site built homes, is that builders are way ahead of the curve in terms of providing consumers energy efficiency options when compared to site built home developers.

      If you are in the market for a new home in Orange County, look around at all of the new home developments. What you’ll find is that almost none offer solar photovoltaic systems or solar thermal systems as regular options to select from when visiting a design center. It’s an unfortunate reality that in new site built home developments, solar PV and solar thermal systems are almost always after market add-ons. What’s more, the cost of these add-ons can be much more expensive when buying them after market as opposed to the developer adding them at the time of sale.

      Manufactured home developers offer a wide range of solar PV and solar thermal systems as regular design options. Since the home developer controls costs through efficiently manufacturing their homes in a controlled environment, the cost of these systems can be much less than buying them after market. In essence, it is far easier for homeowners that want these options to get it all done at once when buying a new manufactured home.

      With almost year-round sunny weather, Orange County is one of the best places for homeowners to invest in solar PV and solar thermal systems. It is therefore possible, right after installation, to own a new that produces almost all of the required energy needed for the new homeowners. Given that many people opt for energy efficient options like solar PV and solar thermal systems to reduce their expenses, it makes a great deal of sense to consider a .

      Many people seek the dream of retirement in sunny Orange County California. And while real estate prices are at historic lows, retiring in Orange County is still an expensive endeavor for many. There are significant benefits to Orange County living and retirement: (1) the climate is incomparable; (2) access to the highest quality healthcare is within a short drive almost anywhere in Orange County; (3) buying a home, manufactured or otherwise, is an excellent investment as Orange County home values typically rebound faster than other areas and do not fall in value as much as other areas; (4) lastly, and contrary to popular opinion, new manufactured homes can be purchased in Orange County for prices just about anyone can afford.

      Why buy a ? There are a vast number of reasons. First, many of the areas where manufactured homes are installed in Orange County are in gated, 55+ planned communities that offer a wide variety of amenities and services that retirees appreciate. Second, new manufactured homes are built to the same or higher construction standards of comparable site built homes and manufactured homes are far less expensive. The resale value of is strong compared to other areas as well. Finally, manufactured homes today offer the same or sometimes higher quality interior features that site built homes charge much more for. As such, when buying a new manufactured home in Orange County, you aren’t just getting a new home at a bargain price, you get far more home for your money with features that exceed expectations.

      If you are considering retiring in Orange County, consider a new . Wallace Home Sales is available to help you determine the best home that meets your needs and will be sure to fit your budget and exceed expectations.

      August 24, 2011admin0 Comments

      Whether you call them or manufactured homes, if you’re considering retiring in Orange County, Wallace Home Sales urges you to consider a manufactured home. If you live in a site built home now or if you’ve been thinking about the benefits of , this article will shed light on some of the most important reasons our clients choose a manufactured home to retire in.

      First, manufactured homes are less expensive than site built homes. This means that, on average, you’ll get more home for your money when buying a factory build home. You can upgrade your home more than you could on the same budget in a manufactured home as well. Do you want a gourmet kitchen with industrial quality appliances such as Wolf, Sub-Zero or other high end brands? You may find that getting it all in a manufactured home is far easier, and less expensive, than customizing a new or existing site built home.

      Second, the quality of has increased tremendously over the last twenty years. In fact, many new manufactured homes exceed their site built counterparts in quality standards. Did you know that the frame construction in many new manufactured homes is built with 2 X 6 boards instead of 2 X 4 boards which is common in site built home construction?

      Third, manufactured home builders are far more adept at providing their clients with energy efficiency options. Most home builders do not offer solar photovoltaic, solar thermal or net-zero energy efficiency packages. With new manufactured homes, you can include solar technology in your order to reduce the cost of ongoing electrical bills which save you money over time.

      Finally, there are a number of planned communities in Orange County that cater to manufactured homes specifically. Many of these communities offer the same or better services, security, and exclusivity as other planned communities that cater to site built homes. Many of these communities are for retirees only, so you can live life in peace and quiet!

      There are a number of reasons to retire in Orange County in a Manufactured home. If you would like any information about your options, contact Wallace Home Sales today!

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