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Why Buy a Manufactured or Mobile Home in

/ Why Buy a Manufactured or Mobile Home in Orange County, CA?

There’s a wide variety of reasons why people want to retire in Orange County, CA. And while many people would like to retire here, it is unfortunately not the most cost efficient area to live in California or in the entire U.S. for that matter. Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes in Orange County are perhaps the most overlooked housing options for retirees. What we don’t understand is why?

As of January 2013, the median asking price for a home in Orange County, CA is $450,000.00 (source: http://www.deptofnumbers.com/asking-prices/california/orange-county/). If you compare this median asking price to most any new manufactured home we carry in our inventory, you’ll see a dramatic difference in price. At the time of this writing, Wallace Home Sales offers manufactured and mobile home re-sales ranging in price from $32,500.00 to $239,000.000. That being said, it is easy to see how you can retire and live in one of the most desirable areas in the country for a very, very reasonable price.

Wallace Home Sales offers new mobile and manufactured homes as well as re-sales. We carry New manufactured home and mobile home lines from CAVCO, Silvercrest, and Hallmark-Southwest Corporation. CAVCO manufactured and mobile homes sell quite frequently due to their lowest average cost when comparing the new homes we offer for sale. CAVCO is maintains a long-standing track record in business with thousands of homes built and sold. Silvercrest and Hallmark-Southwest manufactured and mobile homes are for those buyers that want a more customized look and feel when attention to detail and quality count. You’ll find highly customized Silvercrest and Hallmark-Southwest homes in upscale planed developments in beach front areas throughout all of coastal California.

Deciding on a New Manufactured or Mobile Home and a Re-Sale.

If you’re in the market for a manufactured or mobile home in Orange County, CA you’ll need to decide between new and a re-sale. Here’s some of the benefits and deficits:

On Re-Sales (The Good):

  • No permitting and installation fees
  • No waiting for construction
  • You know exactly what you’re getting and where it will be

On Re-Sales (The Bad):

  • Limited listings in desirable areas
  • Many homes are much older than new homes

On New Mobile Homes (The Good):

  • Warrantees Included
  • No re-habbing or fixing required
  • You can customize your home
  • Build anywhere you want! in a planned development or on private Land

On New Mobile Homes (The Bad):

  • Need to wait for home to be built
  • Permitting and installation fees

Orange County offers some of the best options for retirees. While it is more expensive to retire in Orange County, CA than most anywhere else, manufactured and mobile homes are options any retiree should consider. The cost to acquire a manufactured or mobile home can be half as much or even much less than the prevailing median home prices in the area.

With a wide range of activities available to seniors, living in planned developments for those 55 and up is also a great consideration. Many of the planned mobile home and planned manufactured home developments in Orange County offer club houses, excursions, on-site activities and the security and comfort of living with people at your stage of life!

If you want to retire in Orange County, CA, consider a manufactured or mobile home. It’s a wise choice.